Our main offices

We in BlueSail are working hard to extend our services portfolio. Doing so we have created several office around the world to be able to provide the best services possible each of our location has its own unique purpose and is selected to serve such purpose in best possible manner.

Newport Beach, CA, USA

Our US office is the main club office that supports our club members and with cooperation with our local partners provide access to the boats and provide any local services our members might need.

London, UK

London office has been instrumental for BlueSail in more than one way, it has been our HQ for 9 years and it is main communication hub for our club members making their bookings.

Prague, CZ

Prague has become center of our operation in 2016 and grown to be main hub for most of our global operations, our marketing, sales and corporate services are housed here and provide its services globally.

Seget Donji, HR

Last but not least in our offices is our newest office in Croatia, it is main office for our charter base in Marina Baotic, we charter all our boats from here and keep them in good shape by the technical team.