Our Mission

BlueSail is set to bring sailing to everyone, regardless of experience or income. We have created the BlueSail club that builds on points system to allow more people access to yachting world. 

Our main goal is to provide best yachting services to anyone, be it charter customer or yacht owner. BlueSail is here to provide exceptional services on all levels of yachting. We have built our solutions around the yachting to be able to offer new yacht sales and after sales services, our unique club, brokerage, charter management and charter

Our history

  • 07

    Established as Square Blue Ltd.

    Started as solutions provider for nautical market, with several related application. And we started to organize "club activities" like flotilas and sailing experiences.
  • 09

    BlueSail club started

    Started to be more serious with the club, and started organizing holidays for club members.
  • 12

    Belgian office established

    We have opened our next office, first one abroad. This office became important stepping stone in creating the BlueSail company.
  • 13

    Created BlueSail Solution Ltd. to cover growing club

    Creating of the legal entity that would cover the growing club and start on the other activities in yachting sector.
  • 14

    Expansion to USA

    In 2014 we have expanded our activities to Newport Beach, California as part of the strategy to grow the club and build on expanding services.
  • 15

    Becoming US distributor for Grginic Yahte d.o.o

    BlueSail become exclusive distributor of Mirakul yachts for west coast. Mirakuls are unique small cruisers produced in Croatia based on Italian parts and design.
  • 16

    Expansion to the Czech Republic and Slovakia

    Decision was taken to expand on to central European market where we see growth potential.
  • 16

    New charter management program for European market

    We have started unique program for yacht investments which proved to be key to successful growth.
  • 17

    Becoming Bali distributor for Czech, Slovakia and Hungary

    On the wake of uniqueness we have chosen to become distributor for Bali catamarans on central European market.